Реферат по биологии на тему секс

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

Today we will show you how to replace your timing belt on a B5 generation Audi A4 with the 2. The car in this guide is a Audi A4. It реферат по биологии на тему секс important that you have the correct tools for this job. You will need the camshaft holder Audi toolcrankshaft lock pin Audi tooland the fan clutch removal tool Schley tool As with any timing belt replacement job, it is crucial that you take your time and carefully double check everything that you do.

The hydraulic dampener реферат по биологии на тему секс this A4 failed after less than 30, miles - lucky for me there was no valve damage. So, unless you enjoy changing your timing belt every year, spend a little more for quality parts. This guide will also show you how to replace the water-pump and thermostat. With the carrier out of the way, loosen the tension on the serpentine belt by rotating a 17mm wrench clockwise and remove the belt.

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

To make the fan clutch removal easier you can take out the fan blades that are secured with four allen bolts. Remove the right timing cover that is secured with three clips. Реферат по биологии на тему секс screw drive makes this easy.

Remove the left timing cover that is actually made up of two parts. Also remove the serpentine belt tensioner - one bolt. Remove the fan clutch - 32mm wrench works great. It is reverse thread so turn the wrench clockwise to loosen it.

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

You will need some way of holding the pulley while you turn the clutch. An Audi fan clutch holder tool реферат по биологии на тему секс great for this task. After the fan clutch is out of the way you can remove the idle pulley and bracket. It is реферат по биологии на тему секс by four different size allen bolts. Line up the timing marks starting with the crankshaft pulley.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the marks line up. At this point the camshaft "keys" will line up and be facing each other. You want to make sure that the crankshaft does not move so remove the plastic access plug from the engine and install the crankshaft holder tool. Access plug is on the driver side bottom of the engine right under the engine mount.

Remove the sensor and install the tool in the same spot. E-mail required, but will not display. Notify me of follow-up comments.

Blog Service Guides Audi A4. F Focus Mustang Fusion. Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End. Comments Justin Cain I had no choice doing the repairs myself and this was реферат по биологии на тему секс life saver for me. Artem Vestsorov Glad this helped you out. Im at the step where you line up the timing marks to the crankshaft pulley.

When I did that the camshaft keys werent lined up. What could have been the reason why this happened? The cam pulleys are bigger than the crank pulley, so they turn half as fast. Then I cut TB and installed the bar to prevent sprocket spin. The guy skipped a step and for that reason when I went to loosen bolt on sprocket it rotated.

Is there a way to make them do so again? I have a Audi A4 Quattro V6 3. This friggin crank locking bolt location has become a little daunting. Directly under the motor mount is whats appears to be 6 hex plug flush to the block, nothing is attached to it on the outside.

To the right of it about 6 inches and down a little close to the flywheel is what I assuming is the Crank Sensor. I cant find any other possibilities. You suggested Crank Sensor on реферат по биологии на тему секс models. However the spot for this sensor is where this suspicious hex plug about the size of a nickel is located.

Im leaning towards реферат по биологии на тему секс the sensor and trying. So, I guess there is no harm in trying the sensor first. Wish I could post a photo Look forward to the input. I appreciate the feedback. Not an expensive part and is easy to change.

Is the car drivable? But it is not safe. Since there is no tension on the belt your power steering will be gone and your alternator will not work so your battery will not be recharging as you drive. Does the battery have enough juice to last 20 miles? I have no idea. If you replace the tensioner then it is also a good idea to replace the serpentine belt as well. I used the tool and everything seems to be lined up but somehow they are not perfectly centered either at the beginning or the end and Im not sure if it has to do with the tensioner I know you said that they are no centered perfectly but do they at least line up?

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

I finally check for a third time and realize that the hydraulic tensioner takes care of the alignment in a way too They have to be correctly aligned and the only way to do that is to use some kind of a bar. Some people have made their own bars and there are some schematics online.

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

The crankshaft pin you can probably replace with a standard bolt but you would need to know the correct length of the pin tool. I highly recommend that you get the tools, especially if this is your first time doing this job. Do I need to remove the crankshaft position sensor first and put the tool in from there?

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

I have a A4 2. I cant find this plastic cover anywhere. The only thing I see in the area you described is реферат по биологии на тему секс crankshaft position sensor. Once I pulled the sensor out, then it looks like it has threads to install the tool. Any thought if this is the correct spot for my car a4 v6 2. Looks like the 12V 2. So yes, remove the crank sensor and install the tool.

Article has been updated. Does this motor not have a hydraulic tensioner or dampener? My car has neither step 13 I only have parts 1 and You tighten step 6 of installation part 2 and check belt tension between the passenger side cam sprocket and waterpump pulley. Tension is correct when you are able to реферат по биологии на тему секс the belt 90 degrees and no more. I should also mention that this step is done with the cam sprockets loosened up step 4 of installation.

However, Im still having engine issue with my a4. Is there anyway to contact you through an personal email to ask you for advise? Per instructions I loosened the camshaft sprocket bolts 5 turns and then use a puller to pop the sprockets out.

While pulling the sprocket it looks like the cam may have rotated. Does anyone know if theres a way to check the timing for Cams 1,2,3??? The sprocket is loose and have реферат по биологии на тему секс idea of the exact position relative to the camshaft And also what about lining up the mark on camshaft to the mark on the plastic cover? Not sure which marks you are talking about.

As I remember it, there are no marks on the plastic cover. The cams are aligned using the camshaft tool - no marks are used. If u can help ill send u a lunch. My point is that there is a good chance that the valves are bent. If you are set on replacing the belt then to align everything follow step реферат по биологии на тему секс in this guide. Rotate the crankshaft until the notch on the pulley lines up with the arrow on the plastic cover. Then rotate each camshaft until the camshaft "keys" face each other with the larger holes on the inside and you are able to install the camshaft tool.

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

Do you really need them? An alternative is to make the bar yourself out of steel or wood - here is one guide:

Реферат по биологии на тему секс

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