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So we may be a week and a half into the month of August, but I still have time to share my July faves! Gav is back in school as of Monday, big first grader, and Ro is in full on prep mode. Anyway, one of the biggest things for me is making sure the boys have a balanced lunch.

Секс gandonov bento boxes make lunches super easy and balanced, easy for mom and yummy for секс gandonov kiddos. Stuck on You is the original and best personalized labeling company so they have a great selection to choose from. I love the designs I picked секс gandonov the boys. I mean, look at that super hero bunny! Honestly, I want one for myself and you know it would have a unicorn on it.

However, these секс gandonov have made me excited to plan out some healthy options for the growing boys. This one was секс gandonov the секс gandonov of my awesome hubby and Секс gandonov. And while this project is mainly just a paint job, I think it definitely qualifies as a секс gandonov scale DIY. Hubby took to Youtube to find what we would need and how much of a process it would be.

As you can see, I was super helpful from the start. Секс gandonov did the main rolling and I came in with the grout work. Our mortar is so far back in some places that it took more than a few strokes to cover. Luckily, we only needed to prime the grout for it to look good.

Hubby rolled on the additional paint layer to finish it off. We are so thrilled with how it turned out and how bright it has made the entire room.

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When the fireplace was traditional brick, it would stay секс gandonov little dim even секс gandonov all the blinds up. Now, it bounces right off of the pretty white paint and lights up the main level. We were also fortunate to already have the white mantel piece removed in the before pic so that saved us a ton of time. Another on this list was to redo our family emergency binder.

I had found a printable one on Pinterest years ago and decided that it was something that was a good idea to have секс gandonov found that I hardly used any of the pages. Time for a makeover! I have coffee mugs with секс gandonov, they decorate my office, and my obsession is so obvious that Gav always points them out to me and wants to buy me unicorn things.

Seriously though, how sweet is that?! So, секс gandonov unicorns and I live in my office. That is until we get around my sister-in-law and her daughter! I live vicariously through them and love giving my niece all of the cute unicorn, pink, gold, glitter everything when I can. Hey there…Long time no blog! It was a busy month for me but a good one.

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Speaking of reading fast though, I blazed through секс gandonov one. I highly recommend this book as a quick read and a delightful story. As someone who prefers to be a little more modest in dressing mainly due to insecurities секс gandonov whatcha gonna do… these suits are my jam!

There are so many out there and they are super cute.

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You секс gandonov see it секс gandonov me HERE. MOD Pizza — You make your own pizza, all the toppings you want with no extra charges for being секс gandonov, delicious gluten free option.

I have to find a way to make this at home! And more than zip lining, I love treetop obstacle courses. I was able to experience this on my trip to visit my aunt in Virginia.

The Virginia секс gandonov in Virginia Beach has a great climbing park and I loved every minute of it. With mental health still somehow a taboo issue, many go weeks, moths, even years without focusing some of their energy on taking секс gandonov of themselves.

Caring day-in and day-out for little people is exhausting and down right expensive at times. If anything, you have just enough energy to take a shower once every few days and shut your eyes for half a second.

So what can you do to practice some self care, feeling a little better about our selves and not spend an секс gandonov and a leg trying to do it? Clean er Eating — Let me slap you with an old cliche. I also realize that this one is a matter of doing it for yourself. Make секс gandonov investment in your health and you mind will thank you for it! You feel pampered and pretty and all that good stuff. Invest секс gandonov some good drugstore supplies and start doing it yourself.

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There are great cuticle removers, base and top coats, oils, etc out there that cost a fraction of the price of a nail salon. They also last секс gandonov longer! Here are some of my favorite drugstore finds:. All of these together cost LESS than one manicure. Painting your nails can takes some practice my left hand is so uncoordinated! Even Walmart has started selling them. All you need is a diffuser and a couple of oils to get you started.

There are so many uses for them and benefits to using them. And I could go on and on! Drink More Water — This one is basically free! Секс gandonov water just tastes better in my opinion. Take a Секс gandonov — This one is completely free and, done in the right amount of time, can really refresh you. Now that we are in our first full week of June and finally getting better weather here секс gandonov GA! Секс gandonov love that the job I have lends itself to lots vacay time for the summer.

I finished my first round of Whole 30 as of yesterday!

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Секс gandonov hope that this is helpful and even gets you more interested секс gandonov trying a round for yourself. Секс gandonov more you know, the better off you are when giving this a go so be sure to do your own research, секс gandonov to your doctor, etc.

So much going on but also an incredible amount to be grateful for too. A mom with a passion for creating, who can usually be found with a cup of coffee or hot glue gun in hand. Before Ever After — This was such an interesting read. White Fireplaces — In case you missed it, we painted our outdated fireplace and the transformation секс gandonov so satisfying!

So much fun doing different trackers and filling them in. Chia Seed Pudding — There are pretty much 5, recipes floating around Pinterest for this stuff. Any flavor you can think of is out there. If you followed my Instagram stories last month, I did a less extensive story journal of my second round.

If you like overnight oats, this is definitely worth a try! Save Save Save Save. Turn Any Present Into a Unicorn. In DIYMommyhood. How was your June?

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What were your faves? In HealthUncategorized.

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Here are some of my favorite drugstore finds: What are your favorite ways to do something for YOU and not brake the bank? So I want to get back into it. Just print this one out and fill it up with fun times!

Staying Cool This Summer. From Pinspiration секс gandonov Reality. Секс gandonov Fall Bucket List. The Whole 30 is not meant for weight loss. Weight loss is simply a perk that goes along with eating a cleaner, more natural diet. Getting on the секс gandonov is actually discouraged for секс gandonov duration of your 30 days.

You are literally pushing the reset button on your health to figure out what groups of food cause issues for you such as gastrointestinal problems, breakouts, bloating, etc. Doing a round of Whole 30 does not mean you have to become a hermit. Now that would, of course, be much easier and less use of willpower but it would also be a little ok a lot miserable.

All you have to do is prepare. My Favorite Whole 30 Snacks. Stay in the loop! секс gandonov

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